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    July 9, 2013
    6:00 - 6:30pm EDT  

that train went down the blue line tracks toward franconia springfield instead. metro tells us the train was simply given the wrong code and it happens every now and then but the same thing happened last wednesday during the morning rush. we're going to stay on top of this one and try to get more answers from metro for you on just how the codes are put into the system and how it all goes wrong sometimes. virginia could become the next bipg battleground for -- big battleground for same-sex marriage. in the wake of last month's supreme court decision dealing a major blow to the federal defense of marriage act, the virginia aclu is filing a lawsuit against the state's ban on gay marriage. peggy fox talked to people on both sides of the issue. >> reporter: as virginia resident leanne row sell doesn't have the -- rose sell doesn't have the same rights at others. >> that's my wife and me. >> reporter: she and her partner, an episcopal priest, have been a couple for 15 years. they were married in 2010 but as residents of virginia, their union is not recognized by the state. roselle is hoping that will
change if the aclu wins its lawsuit against virginia's gay marriage ban. >> the doma decision was not complete and it's still -- our marriage isn't recognized here in virginia. we need to keep fighting. >> reporter: the aclu helped the couple sue virginia back when it stride to stop them from adopting their second son. >> the office that approved the placements under governor gilmore was saying no because they assume we violated that law that people like us could not adopt. and so we ended up suing virginia. >> reporter: virginia is one of 31 states with a constitutional amendment that bans the legal recognition of same-sex unions. voters approved virginia's law in 2006. but recent polls show a majority of virginians are okay with same-sex marriage. >> holes are show -- polls are showing that people can be intimidated into not wanting to be bigots by the like of the supreme court. >> reporter: bob marshal was the sponsor of the gay marriage ban legislation.
>> marriage cannot change. it was set at creation. >> reporter: state senator adam ebon is the only openly gay legislator. >> i'll appeal but the quicker we do away with this amendment the better. >> reporter: the aclu is filing similar lawsuits in pennsylvania and north carolina. peggy fox, wusa9. >> the aclu successfully fought extra v.a.'s ban on interracial marriage when the supreme court struck it down back in 1967. a louisiana lawmaker wants to ban the flag most commonly associated with gay pride. republican andy naglen says he's introducing a bill to ban the rainbow flag after he got complaints from his constituents. he says he's gotten several complaints after the flag was raised on government property during a pride event. the new restrictions on abortion that caused the filibuster that went viral online last month is back on the agenda in texas tonight. the house is expected to vote
on the measure this afternoon. supporters say it will protect women seeking abortions but opponents say it's just another way around roe vs. wade to make those procedures tougher to get. smokers may be getting a break when the president's health care overhaul takes effect next year. the program is supposed to include a provision that would let insurance companies charge smokers up to 50% higher premiums. but a computer glitch has the obama administration pushing that back to 2015. now the delay comes about a week aft administration announced it would also be delaying another provision which requires businesses with more than 50 workers to offer health insurance. now that lawmakers are back on the hill, they're expressing their displeasure. >> the idea that we're going to give big businesses a break under obama care, are we going to punish small businesses and families? wrong. we'll have another vote. count on it. >> last week's announcement does not change the individual mandate that will force average
americans to buy health insurance or face fines. that will still take effect next year. police say they need more information after a preliminary autopsy into the death of a missing 7-year-old boy in d.c. ko im reports. >> reporter: police now have their timeline but even with the preliminary autopsy result, they still have a lot of questions about what happened. the kings burys lived on the second floor of this apartment. mom told us the last time she saw mike cam was saturday night. >> i just want my son to come home. i miss my son. >> reporter: but his sister apparently spotted him playing in the backyard, this unfenced backyard early sunday morning. that day police patrols were set up in this very alleyway. police used canines and even academy recruits to search. it took more than a day and a half for them to find michael not very far from his home. neighbors say there had been two cars parked in this lot next door for months.
monday night someone saw michael locked in one of them. they had to smash the window to get his body out. >> we subsequently identified three other mpd officers over that about 30-hour period that have told us that they also looked inside of the vehicle. >> reporter: we talked with the owner of the lot over the phone. he says that the car was not his or his tenants. he adds he's also very unhappy and disturbed that the discovery was made on his property. reporting in northeast, ko im, wusa9. all but 800 people right near the site of that train derailment in quebec over the weekend are now being allowed back into their homes. at least five cars carrying oil exploded after the train went barreling into the town saturday. 13 people died and another 40 are still missing. most ever the town level -- most of the town leveled. investigators are still trying to figure out how it all happened. today nasa released these pictures. the one on your left is a normal view at night.
as you can see the one on the right just how visible that fire was. plenty of odd jobs for two astronauts aboorpd the international space -- aboard the international space station today. american christopher cassidy and an italian had a honey do list of sorts including removing a bad camera and collecting science experiments. it was the first space walk for an italian astronaut. plenty of kids dream of exploring the stars one day but a 7-yard in england is getting some encouragement directly from nasa. dexter anderson wrote this letter. i heard you're sending two people to mars and i would like to come but i'm 7. then he asks for some advice. and he got just that. nasa sent him back a letter encouraging him to pursue his dream and a detailed package about mars complete with stickers and posters. dexter's mother was so delighted literally over the
moon, she posted the thing online where it spread like a shooting star. of course. >> i want to write nasa. i want to go to mars. >> what do you want? >> send me pictures and stickers and all of that. the george zimmerman trial has captivated muscle of our nation but there's an app developer out there facing a major backlash. apparently he tried to profit from it and people don't like how he did t. coming up at 7:00, we'll tell you more about angry trayvon. still to come in in half- hour, a local escape artist heads home. top? >> we have sunshine here in northwest. it is some kind of mug gip. let me talk about the poll -- muggy. let me talk about the pollen. not much break on the mold spores. trees are low, grass is medium. go to our website, roll over weather. you'll get the numerical breakdown. we'll come back and break down the chance for thunderstorms and where chantal is headed. gl but first, the national transportation safety board is just wrapping up press conference on that plane crash
out in san francisco. we will bring you an update ♪ [ male announcer ] do you love prime rib? get to your local subway for the delectable, new prime rib melt built fresh from the bread up! with hearty, savory cuts of tender prime rib
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engine. >> when you get down to the seawall, you can identify where the first strikes took place. first the main landing gear impacted the seawall and then the tail. investigators will also be documenting the seating compartment to figure out what it calls a survivability analysis. the air force is pulling a brochure on prevents sexual assault after a lawmaker questioned some of its advice. the letter was circulated at a south carolina base today. it subjects that women submit to an attack -- suggests that women submit to the attack than resist it. it was rejected in may when it was included in a series of steps the pentagon was taking to address military sex assaults. she says the pentagon reviewed the letter and agreed with her concerns. gllz white house jay carng any
says the u.s. will not make a quick decision about u.s. forces leaving afghanistan next year but the so-called zero option is on the table. right now the plan is for most american troops to come home by the end of 2014 just leaving a small force behind. but recent disagreements with afghanistan's president could mean that that changes. still ahead, thowns turn out to honor 19 fallen firefighters. >> the cleveland women who were held captive for ten years have spoken publicly for the the very first time. find out what they wanted to say tonight on ñçñ!ú
i should answer death's call or bless my hotshot crew, my family one and all. thank you and i miss my brothers. >> that's brenden mcdonough, the lone survivor of the firefighting crew overcome by flames last week. he was one of the speakers.
he shared the hotshot prayer with all of them and thousands of firefighters and law enforcement officials from around the nation attended today's service. the cleanup is just beginning after some incredible flooding in the fourth largest city in north america. toronto got a month's worth of rain in just a couple of hours yesterday afternoon. about 300,000 people lost their power at the height of the storm. 1400 people were stranded on a commuter train after the tracks were completely submerged. some firefighters in norway went out on a limb to help a family of four. a mother duck and her three ducklings somehow wandered into a small water fall and suddenly found themselves stuck. so the firefighters used some wooden boards and some nets to help them stay out of a river drain and we are happy to report that everyone is just fine. you know that escape artist from the national zoo? well, he is finally back in his
exhibit tonight. >> reporter: i'm preeti arla at the national zoo. rusty the panda is back at the zoo. he's become quite the seb brit since his es -- celebrity since his escape. the amazement caused by this little guy rusty who rejoined his mate today, the nearly one- year-old rusty is a celebrity these days. he stole the limelight from his fellow zoo animals after his brazen escape and trek to adams morgan in late june. >> i thought if i escape from any place, i would end up at adams morgan too. >> reporter: people have their theories because of whappedz. >> because of the rain, we had some bamboo we think touched one of his trees and he found a trail out. >> reporter: they cut the bamboo around the exhibit and the trees inside of it, added a new wooden wall and put up additional wiring like this
around the sides. now the zoo hopes once rusty is settled in, rusty and his mate will be ready to might in a few months. at the national zoo, wusa9. >> if that's not enough for you, don't worry. our web team has you covered. we've got the ipad here. they started creating your daily cute fix. look at these newborn lion cubs. who could not love these little faces. of course when they grow up big and strong, you might need to get out of the way but for now, they are just so cute. so log on and download our wusa9 ipad app to check it out. you know i'm a sap. >> we all are. those are pretty cute. >> those are so cute. >> so cute. >> chantal is not cute. >> chantal is not that cute. good news is she's not a major storm just yet. she might not even become a hurricane but she's still got a deadbeat for haiti and the dominican republic and eventually maybe the southeast coast. let's start with the satellite
picture of chantal. winds are 65 miles per hour. she's a very high end tropical storm. remember, tropical storms are 39 to 74. so she's high end tropical storm. she's not that well defined, though. not that well organized. this is an infrared picture. the more red you see, the higher the cloud tops. in fact she's gotten a little weaker in materials of the overall circulation in the past six hours or so the track again is about 270 miles southeast of san juan. this current track from the hurricane center keeps it well south of puerto rico putting it right in the dominican republic and haiti. there are mountain there is that will decrease its intensity and forward speed. it curves back up to the east side of nassau. again this is just a track. still a tropical storm. then kind of meanders off the east coast of florida and could make hand fall coastal sections of georgia or south carolina by sunday or monday. the hurricane center still keeps it a tropical storm. some models do not. some models make it a tropical depression and it weakens quickly off the coast of
florida. a live look outside, it is our live michael & son weather cam. it's very nice right now but earlier today we had the same deal. we had the clouds and the sun and the clouds and the sun. that's what we're dealing with again tomorrow. got news is the clouds kept the temps down a little bit today. right now 85. 85 was the high so far. dew point 69. so still a little bit on the humid side. radar quiet for now but look at this little storm down here. this is really intensified the last 30 minutes or so headed right across southern st. mary's county. that will produce flash flooding. beware. 85. germantown. 84 fairfax. 88 college park. 84 for our friends down in waldorf. so another muggy night tonight. storms tomorrow and thursday. but a cold front thursday night. and less humid on friday. hallelujah. for now we'll keep everything green wednesday and thursday, upper 80s. storms both days. we'll certainly remain friday green. beautiful temperatures in the upper 80s but not humid.
next seven days, the weekend looks pretty good. mid- to upper 80s on saturday and sunday but not humid. very comfortable. next monday and tuesday perhaps an isolated shower or thunderstorm. and we will monitor it tomorrow. we may have to go up to a yellow alert but we'll keep you posted. >> that is a good looking forecast later this week. >> the weekend looks fantastic. so you're doing all kinds of sports. sports we know, sports we don't know. >> we'll start with the stuff people know. we're calling this baseball death by slow ball pitching. the nationals were defeated by a man whose pitches would barely harm a pillow. they're heading to the white house. i call it
john lennon shut down -- lannan shut down pitcher. the former washington nationals is known for his craftiness, not power but the two time the nats have faced him, they have been mesmerized by his soft serve. last night it was boring to watch. check it out. at one point you remember lannan. he was the ace of the nats staff a couple of years ago. last night a grounder. grounder, groundout, groundout. he didn't overpower anybody but recorded 12 ground ball outs in this snore fest.
davey not happy with the way his current team treated its former team participate. -- former teammate. >> actually you know him so well, you kind of know how he goes after hitters. some of the guys should have had a little better approach. i thought. but i just tip my hat to him. he pitched a good ballgame. >> as a coach of the greatest world team tennis team that's ever played, it's a dream come true. i can't believe i'm in charleston with a 15-0 world team tennis team. billy jean king is in the crowd. i'm about to wet my pants. this is unbelievable. >> this is unbelievable. i can't believe this. this episode brought you to by depends. that was the one and only murphy jensen. if you don't know much about the washington kastles, don't worry. you're not alone. in a city where folks bleed burgundy or gold, the kastles don't get a lot of pub till right about now. this sliver of slow time before
training camp and it's typically when i have to tell you they're the best team you probably don't know about in the city tonight, the local world team tennisout fit goes for win number 34, a two-year winning streak in a sport where we need multiple players to be playing well every night to win. this is quite a feat. how about this? you just saw the first lady in the crowd last night. of course, there has never been a world team tennis -- world tennis team invited to the white house. that changed today. it has been around for 38 years. never recognized by the oval office. michele obama a huge fan and she was at the match last night. stay active, kids. that's the message. the wizards at the event. final play it's our tease of
the night. a fan catches a foul ball and then how about this? the high five. that's never good. >> no, no, no. that's all we've got for time. the cbs evening news is next. derek will see you along with
>> pelley: tonight what was going on inside the cockpit of flight 214? federal investigators give us their first report on the actions of the flight crew in the moments before the plane crashed in san francisco. john blackstone has the late-breaking story. the cleveland women held captive for ten years speak publicly for the first time. elaine quijano on what they wanted to say. >> i'm looking forward to my brand new live. >> pelley: knives, bats and guns. a mobster descri